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Dear friends,

Welcome to this exciting event. The art of case taking is the thing that I love most in homeopathy and would say my strongest side. It will be 2 hours webinar. I will show very interesting video case with lot of wiles and underwater stones. I have done many mistakes practicing sensation method during the last 10 years and will be happy to share my path with you with sincerely intention to give you more clarity about common mistakes I have done and save you from doing it.

About Genoveva Georgieva:
She has graduated the London College of Classical Homoeopathy in Bulgaria in 2007. She has completed a two-years medical course in National Sports Academy.
Continued her education with two-years video course of the Sensation method pioneered by Dr. Rajan Sankaran in ‘Center Homeopathy Forum’.
She has attended plenty of seminars of European and Indian homoeopaths in Bulgaria, London, Munich, Greece, Romania. In 2011 inspired by the results in my practice, she wrote a book titled ‘The new method of sensation in homeopathy’. This is a revolutionary method that brought homeopathy to a very high level and the prescriptions became much more accurate.
Since 2013 to 2018 she was attending annual Master’s courses in ‘the other song’ International Academy of Advanced Homeopathy in Mumbai. She was representative of ‘the other song’ for Bulgaria and organized seminars and courses with Dr. Rajan Sankaran and other teachers.
In 2017 she wrote her second book: ‘Synergetic approach in homeopathy’.
Nowadays she combines Dr. Sankaran’s system, Mychal Yakir’s system, Jan Scholten’s system and others depends on the individuality of the patient.
She is member of WISH (World Institute of Sensation Homoeopathy) since 2017. Her other interest are regression, re-imprinting of the matrix, meditation and implement them in her practice.
She provides online courses for beginners and advanced homoeopats introducing the Sensation method and some other approaches.

She is famous with her passion and non-standart thinking.

For registration, please, write to this email: homeopathyvoice7@abv.bg. Thank you!

If you can not see the webinar at the particular time, can see it 1 week after that in convinient for you time.

Looking forward your reply!

Genoveva Georgieva