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‘HomeopathyvoiceAssociation’is founded in 2014 in order to train the best homeopaths in Bulgaria, Europe and the world.

In order to do this the association organizes seminars and courses in collaboration with “The Other Song International Academy for Advanced Homeopathy” in Mumbai, India.
The Academy is founded by DrSankaran – famous for his revolutionary ideas that created the Sensation method. He is also famous with the Synergy method.Motto of Academy is : “Treating, teaching, transforming.” Homeopaths who attend the Academy experience transformation there as well as improvement of their professional skills and practical results.

About the Sensation and Synergy Methods

It allows the homeopaths to combine their knowledge about the kingdoms, subkingdoms and the source with the knowledge of MateriaMedica and the Repertorium. Likely each scientific method it has undergone a number of changes and has become more precise at the prescription and more efficient at the healing of every single case. Its further improvement has led to the foundation of a new method called the Synergy approach. The Synergy successfully integrates the old traditional and classical methods like the Repertorium, Organon and MateriaMedica with the latest discoveries about the kingdoms, subkingdoms, rate of experience, miasms and many others. As a result the synergy approach ensures higher success and more sound results at the clinic practice.

The founder of Homeopathyvoice Association – Genoveva Georgieva is Bulgarian homeopath
and Dr.Sankaran’s student. She has been studying at “the other song International Academy”
Mumbai since 2013. She has accomplished her homeopathic education at “Homeopathic Society”
in Bulgaria in 2007. After that she has acoumplished a two years course of Sensation method
introduced by Dr. Sankaran in Homeopathy Forum Center in Bulgaria. Meanwhile she has
attended series of seminars held by Indian and European lecturers such as Ajit Kulharni, Eric Van
Voensel- Dr.Vitulkas’ student, Faruk Master, Jeremy Sher, Frans Vermuelen and many others.
She has been teaching the Sensation method at seminars held in Bulgaria. Having attended ‘the
other song’ Interntional Academy she started to spend more time in upgrading her training.
Inspired and amazed by the incredible way of teaching in the Academy, Nowadays she is
member of WISH (World Institute for Sensation Homeopathy) and teacher in Homeopathyvoice
online school. She is well known with her abilities to penetrate deep in the human psyche and to
understand more difficult aspects of the soul. Along with sensation method, meditation, imprinting
of the matrix she uses Michal Yakir’s method, Jan Scolten’s method, synergy method, etc.

GenovevaGeorgieva says:

I truly believe in the ability of DrSankaran and the teachers at “The Other Song International Academy” to transform us as homeopaths, because I see that thanks to them this transformation is already happening to me. My practice is getting more and more successful. I have not seen so deep and holistic approach towards homeopathy so far. They train homeopathy basics – the Organon, MateriaMedica, Repertorisation- as well as the latest ideas about the kingdoms, subkingdoms integrated in the extraordinary sensation method crystalized in the synergy method,and the latest incredible discovering of Dr. Sankaran: The 8-th boxes method . What impressed me best at ‘the other song’ International Academy” is the ability of the lecturers to take complicated cases of patients who cannot describe their complaints with words, and they are based on the observation of the patient’s behaviour and the invisible with a naked eye features of the physical illness. This is one of the most complicated areas in homeopathy, but once mastered, it can lead to a huge success of the practices of the homeopaths all over the world. Also I am highly impressed by the profaundness, hertiness and exactness of the teaching in the Academy.

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