About Homeopathyvoice Online School








The founder of Homeopathyvoice online school is Genoveva Georgieva – student of Dr. Rajan Sankaran.

The aim of the school is to provide high level of education mainly through live cases. We have courses for beginners based on classical homeopathy and for advanced homoeopats based on sensation method, Michal Yakir’s method, Jan Scholten’s method and some others.

Teachers in the school:

Genoveva Georgieva – representative of the other song

Dr. Alpesh Oza – teacher in ‘the other song’

Dr. Gaurang Gaikwad – ‘teacher in the other song’

Dr. Gajanan Dhanipkar – ‘teacher in the other song’


Why to study with us?

  1. Because we teach with love and enthusiasm and it is easy to understand the matter.
  2. Because we teach mainly by live cases.
  3. Because we teach students to think, not just to remember the information.
  4. Because we show the remedies from different point of view according to the stage of the patient and his individuality.
  5. Because we teach students how to extract the center of the remedies and of the case.
  6. Because we introduce different approaches and combine them according to the individuality of the patient in a flexible way.
  7. Because we have studied from the best teachers in the world like Dr. Sankaran, Michal Yakir, Jan Scholten, Jeremy Sherr, etc.